Early Booking Car Rental

While you are making your holiday travels, you make early reservations for travel planning and accommodation planning. Afterwards, you can make a car rental reservation to provide a comfortable and safe transportation for the holiday program in the region you will travel to. This process can be achieved by determining the points such as the point where the vehicle will be delivered on our page, the dates between which the rental will be made and at what time the service will start.

In order to complete the reservation process, you can click on the list vehicles button after entering the information required for car rental transactions on our page. After this process, you can first see the vehicles that offer you the opportunity and other vehicles in a single list. In this way, you can switch to the reservation page by selecting the vehicle for the transaction.

Which Services Can Be Taken In Rent A Car Reservation?

When you provide your vehicle selection for rent a car services with date and delivery data on the page, you can make a reservation. Thanks to the next step after this process, you can see the internal services and extra services offered to you in the vehicle. Internal services include motor insurance, compulsory traffic insurance, delivery fees and 24/7 roadside assistance.

In the next step, you can choose the extra services you can choose to get car rental service. Among these services, you can obtain coverage with glass, headlight, tire insurance (LFC). You can request a child seat for comfortable and safe transportation. Thanks to the people who meet the conditions, you can request additional driver service. For ease of transportation, you can request additional navigation service.

What is the Last Step in Car Rental Processes?

After determining the service features, you can make a payment after entering your personal information for car rental in the next step. This will complete the reservation process. For the reservation process, you can learn the age limits, license conditions, mileage limits and fuel limits according to the class of the vehicles.

When the rental reservation is made, a pre-authorization process will be provided according to the vehicle class, thanks to the credit card information provided. Afterwards, the service fee will be charged in cash or by credit card, depending on the rental period, at the time of vehicle delivery. When you complete the rental period, you can deliver the vehicle to the delivery point you have specified, and then you can get the pre-authorization and the blocked amount back to your credit card.

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