About Us

Dalaman Rent A Car is a registered trademark of OSCAR TRAVEL Tourism Ltd.

As Dalaman Rent A Car, our first priority is customer satisfaction. When you, our valued customers, are satisfied with the services you receive, we are motivated to further increase our service quality. We continue our branching activities with the investments we have made in the car rental sector in recent years, our customer-oriented service policy and our corporate structure.

Our company, which has the highest vehicle fleet in our region; Setting out with the principle of "customer satisfaction", it stands out with the meticulousness it shows in life safety, apart from the material wealth that the work will bring. You will be welcomed with a professional team work with our fleet that has all road transport documents and standards, our service quality in International Standards, our expert and experienced staff for complete guest satisfaction.

For Dalaman Rent A Car, quality is not a target, it is a process that should show development and continuity. In this direction, our company, which adopts customer satisfaction as its main target, also has ISO 9001-2008 Quality Standards, D-2 Passenger Transport Certificate and A Group Travel Agency Certificate.

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